Products and Services

The scale of change in robotics, automation, and autonomy – particularly over the last 10 years – is considerable; from factory-based logistics to experimental ‘driverless cars’. And, here at Callen-Lenz, we’re proud to stand at the forefront of this change – leading collaborative, multinational Research & Development in the field of unmanned aviation systems for both the commercial and private sectors.

Our range of services aim to allow our clients to get the best out of their systems; enabling long term growth and commercialisation, whilst informing government policy surrounding the sector, to guarantee the performance, safety, and reliability of unmanned aviation technology.

As advancements in the field of automation continue to evolve, so too will the offerings of the team here at Callen-Lenz; as we continue to lead the industry by example, working with organisations all over the world to develop the next generation of automation.


Whether you work within the public or private sectors, our unmanned aviation systems could enable you to achieve
sustainable, positive change; pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with technology.