Here at Callen-Lenz Group, we provide innovative technology solutions for global customers, both directly and through our subsidiary, SkyCircuits Ltd. From advanced control systems for air platforms to Engineering and Flight test consultancy, we deliver services as well as products that generate licensable Intellectual Property.

We develop and apply unmanned autonomous system technology for commercial use by UAV manufacturers and operators of unmanned systems where high levels of functionality, availability and safety are required. Combining flexible point-to-point air navigation systems, high integrity flight control solutions and ground control station design with broad experience in manned and unmanned aviation, we can support customers requirements across the unmanned domain.

Our experience, expertise, and in-house software capabilities are delivering breakthrough technology solutions to major engineering companies around the world; from Australasia and South America to Europe.

With experience spanning both the public and private sector; the civilian and military domains, our aviation knowledge, and practical delivery of manned and unmanned systems ensures we provide up-to-date advice and support to our customers and partners.

Leaders in the field of collaborative, multinational Research & Development in the sector, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to achieve shared goals, trust, and mutual respect, perfectly placing us to define, develop, and deliver cutting-edge technical solutions and services for our clients.