We have staff and associates with credible experience and qualifications in manned and unmanned aircraft design, test and evaluation. From design engineers to test pilots and flight test engineers, we have proven experience delivering these capabilities to clients that seek experienced independent input from qualified staff.

Our continued work within the rapidly evolving field of unmanned autonomous systems technology perfectly positions us to offer technical and management consultancy for our clients in both the public and private sectors.

From individual short-term projects to team-based solutions, we enable multinational organisations to structure the appropriate level of support and advice required to get the best out of their systems.

Complex procurement and technical development programmes surrounding robotics and aviation are some of the most demanding areas to work in; the subtleties of multinational working and requirements management provide unique challenges.

Our staff have extensive knowledge in the initiation and delivery of large scale multi-million pound programmes, alongside a track record of delivering to budget against stringent timescales.

We believe that combining our practical and executive knowledge in the field, to view our systems from 3 key perspectives – the end user, the independent assessor, and the prime contractor – enables us to offer our clients unbiased advice and support to optimise programmes, reduce risk, and guarantee cost savings.