Koios is an operationally proven, highly compact, medium-sized S2 Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) platform offering strategic Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities with a tactical footprint over a range of up to 750km and an endurance of up to 10 hours. Runway independent, the platform can be pre-flight checked and launched anywhere in 10 minutes using only two operators.

Designed, manufactured, and developed by Callen-Lenz, Koios delivers operational flexibility and outstanding, proven performance and can support missions across the global defence and civil markets.

Why choose Koios?

  • Small logistical footprint: Stored in two ruggedised boxes for ease of transportation for missions on the go
  • Custom-configuration: Readily tailored to meet a customer’s operational requirements
  • Full mission autonomy: launched and operated with minimal operator workload
  • Support for manned assets: Successful experience operating with manned aircraft via a Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) demonstration
  • Readily adaptable: Koios can be easily configured to run off a variety of readily available heavy fuels

Technical Features:

  • Endurance: 6-10 hours
  • Range: 750 km
  • Speed: 50 knots
  • MTOW: 32 kg
  • Payload: 7 kg
  • Engine Type: 35 cc heavy fuel engine
  • Flight control system: SkyCircuits SC3 autopilot
  • Wingspan: 4 m
  • Length: 2.4 m

Data Link: Callen-Lenz fit avionics tailored to customer needs. The current commercial off the shelf Koios utilises MPU5, providing the platform 150km operational range, telemetry and near real-time video feed back to the Ground Control Station (GCS).

Koios can support a wide range of payload capabilities, including but not limited to: Electro Optical, Infrared, Multi-spectral, Radio rebroadcaster, Satellite phone locator, Communications system intercept and GPS anti-jamming system.



  • Convoy Protection
  • Tactical ISR
  • Early intelligence and warning
  • Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T)
  • Border protection


  • Wildfire monitoring
  • Disaster response
  • Search and Rescue
  • Surveillance
  • Mapping
  • Agricultural monitoring