R & D and Bespoke Products

There are huge opportunities for increased automation and autonomy in transport by sea, land and air. With an aviation focus and proven utilisation in the maritime domain; we are developing and delivering unmanned autonomous systems technology for organisations around the globe.

Market and operationally led research & development (R & D) plays a vital part in this work, underpinning everything we do here, and ensuring the systems and services we offer to every one of our clients are truly cutting-edge – enabling long term growth, commercialisation, and development opportunities with robust solutions.

In order to achieve this, we invest substantially in-house to continually expand our technological capabilities, and enhance our our services whilst undertaking contract and collaborative research.

Working in partnership

Leaders in the field of collaborative, multinational R & D, we work in partnership with our clients to drive the rate of change in the sector; continually enhancing not only our services, but the safety, reliability, and performance of our systems to create cost-effective, robust, and user-friendly technology.

Civil applications using lightweight unmanned aircraft is a key area of development, with a strong emphasis on solutions which enable the practical, and commercially viable application of technology.

Using our extensive background in aircraft development, testing, and evaluation, we work with subject experts to jointly develop new capabilities for clients and apply robust test principles to undertake structured projects and programmes.

Some of our current applied research includes;

  • Emergent technologies and remote sensing techniques
  • Geomatic survey
  • Developing strategies for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) use of unmanned aircraft

We are also exploring the use of hyperspectral and multispectral arrays, along with LIDAR and advanced sensor technologies and software, and are keen to enhance the potential of this.

The blend of continual R & D with operational experience in commercial unmanned system design has led to repeat business from clients with bespoke unmanned platform requirements. This is backed up by our in-house software team that can tailor avionics products to meet customer needs.

Callen-Lenz have provided specialist platform design, build and test capability followed up by customer training packages that arm our clients with, not only the systems, but the knowledge they require to use them safely and effectively.