Remote Sensing

Delivering UK-wide remote sensing services using unmanned aircraft, and with a variety of sensors and techniques, we provide a range of Geographic Information System (GIS) compatible data products to our clients – most recently in the Forestry, Agricultural, Environmental and Building/Infrastructure sectors.

Our operating teams undertake both routine and rapid response tasking, to ensure our clients receive the information they need, how and when they need it.

Typical data includes:

  • high resolution, georeferenced orthophotos
  • infrared orthomosaics
  • high resolution Digital Surface Models.

As part of our remote sensing service, we ensure all of the orthophotos – geometrically correct photos or images – we produce are delivered in each of our clients’ required formats; tiled to produce manageable file sizes, and georeferenced to the required datum and projection.

Informing processes

Remote Sensing can be used effectively in a variety of sectors, to inform a range of processes, including the identification and geolocation of individual diseased trees for forest managers, production of habitat, and boundary information for management and change monitoring.

Infrared orthophotos can be combined with colour data to produce a Committed Information Rate (CIR) or vegetation health indices at very high resolution; typically used in the Agricultural, Environmental, and Archaeological sectors.

Using the latest software tools and computing hardware we produce high resolution 3D data from our digital imagery; supplied in the customer’s GIS format as Digital Surface Models or as raw 3D data. Our 3D photogrammetry data is typically of use where greater resolution than traditional survey or airborne LIDAR data is required.